ECTS-ContainerTrackingSoftwareElectronic Container Terminal System (ECTS) is web-based container management software which allows container depots and terminals to track their shipping container inventory, movements (in/out), storage days, services, and repairs in an in-depth manner. In addition to acceptance and release bookings, ECTS also offers detailed tracking of container transactions via purchase and sales order modules.
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Container Control Systems (CCS)

CCS-ContainerControlSystemContainer Control Systems (CCS) provides container depots the most comprehensive means of tracking container movement (in/out), storage, services and repairs. CCS processes and invoices clients for such activities. All of these features are accessible through CCS' interface designed to be used by managers in the office as well as by gate personnel to receive and release containers at the gate.
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Total Transload System (TTS)

TTS-TotalTransloadSystemTotal Transload System (TTS) is all you need for a Container Transload Depot of bulk cargo such as Malt and Other Agriculture Products. TTS is a very flexible web-based program with lots of potential for medium to large scale bulk transload facilities. TTS keeps track of container export bookings / shipments and depot load orders; railcars on route; truck pickups and deliveries; EDI to and from shipping lines as well as transload order billing to clients.

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CTLS-ContainerTransloadSystemContainer Transload System (CTLS) is a complete and easy-to-use program for transload lumber depots. It includes the following functions:

  • Inbound Lumber Receiving
  • Outbound Container Releasing
  • Lumber Inventory Control
  • Container Lineup
  • Container Auto-Load
  • EDI Load Plan
  • Comprehensive Reports

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Virtual Truck Reservation System (VTRS)

VTRS-TruckReservationSystemVirtual Truck Reservation System (VTRS) – is a web-based truck reservation program designed to reduce truck lineups at transload facility, container depot, warehouse and cargo terminal. VTRS provides:

  • Specific time slots for truckers so their cargo can be handled with greater efficiency
  • Ability to define different reservation templates for quicker setup as well as customized work day
  • Ability to setup reservation time slots by date, ship and time
  • Email alert / reminder to truckers and program operator
  • Tracking reservation history and stats by client
  • Multi locations support
  • Comprehensive Reports

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